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We changed our logo and improved our patient portal and we want you to know our new providers to make it more convenient and easier to communicate with us.

Please “click” on Our Team then drop down to physicians. The Gastro Clinic now has 4 physicians to meet your gastro needs. Please note that Dr. Trawick has been here for over a year and Dr. Karr has been here since July of 2015. Please read all 4 bios, we think they are informative. Next, click to our Nurse Practitioners and read about Ms. Sylvia, Ms. Susan, and Ms. Cindy.

Under Resources we have listed conditions that we treat. If you click on to your interested condition, there will be a definition which discusses the procedure. It can then lead you to prep information and diets with recipes to download!

Specialty Care & Services includes the services we provide. Say you’re having a colonoscopy. Click on colonoscopy. See the definition? Now click to which prep your provider has suggested. Your instructions are detailed here. Then look to the right and click on the associated diet. Try the Low Residue Diet. There you will see what’s allowed. Now scroll to the bottom to documents, click there; scan all the way to the bottom of the screen. Look for the “Open” PDF and click. You will find a list of foods that you can print and keep on the fridge or take to the grocery store.

Finally, under Patient Portal, you can send us a message, request an appointment, pay your bill and even view your lab results. We have 3 locations: Lafayette, Abbeville and now in Breaux Bridge. The 3rd box is for new and returning patients. Here you will find copies of all the paperwork we will need to keep in your chart. This is a time saver. You will be able to complete it at home before your appointment, including your list of medications. So leave them at home!