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How you doing with that? Did you set unrealistic goals? No goals? It’s not too late to make or change your New Year’s Resolution.

Try making one that is realistic. One that is specific, measurable, achievable, and short term with a long term goal in the end.

Let’s say you want to get in shape. Define shape. It’s your body, so list where you want to be in a, uhmmmm, a year from now.

For example: You may want to lose 25 pounds. You’ve got 11 months to achieve your goal. Really, are you serious? If you are like me, you will procrastinate. So plan on small weight achievements in smaller increments of time. The first month is usually easier, water retention comes off easier. So, the first month, lose 4 pounds by changing your diet, drinking more water and start walking a mile a day.

Yeah, you did it! Now reward yourself. You pick. Remember it doesn’t have to be something to eat or drink.

Now it’s time to set your next goal with a time line. Maybe being stricter with your diet. Maybe increasing how far you walk or increase your pace. Maybe start some of those lunges, sit-ups, crunches. Yes, I said those exercises. Check your calendar to see what’s coming up, such as a wedding, family birthday, etc. so you can plan wisely and not self-destruct. Also check your community calendar for events in which you can participate in to achieve your goal.

With setting small goals with shorter dates and small rewards makes your long-term goals attainable.

Also, if you have a setback, you don’t have to start over, just pick up where you left off. Maybe change your short term goals so you CAN accomplish it. It’s always easier to start again on a high note.

Set your mind on that specific goal. When you’re down and ready to give up, look back at what you have done so far and how much closer you are to that goal.

Good Luck!