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OK, everything in moderation. Remember those tales we all heard that coffee causing health problems? Things like it can stunt your growth and too much of it causes heart disease and cancer. Recent research (probably done by coffee drinkers) shows that coffee may not be so bad. That the benefits outweigh the risks. That there is a healthy relationship between coffee consumers and decreased overall mortality.

Why the change? Well, the old research did not count in other variables, like smoking and lack of physical activity with heavy coffee drinkers.

Regular coffee consumption could protect against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer. Some researchers believe coffee improves cognitive function and decreases depression.

Drinking too much coffee can cause your cholesterol levels to increase and some heavy coffee drinkers could be at a higher risk for heart disease.

Even though coffee is not as bad as it was once believed, keep in mind that other beverages, such as milk and fruit juices contain nutrients that coffee does not. Of course, water is preferred. Oh, don’t forget sugar and coffee creamers add calories and fat.