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Esophageal Manometry/Motility


Esophageal Manometry/Motility measures the pressure and the pattern of muscle contractions in your esophagus. Abnormalities in the contractions and strength of the muscle or in the sphincter at the lower end of the esophagus can result in pain, heartburn, and/or difficulty swallowing. Esophageal manometry is used to diagnose the conditions that can cause these symptoms. A GI nurse will apply a medicine to numb the inside of your nostrils. Then a thin, flexible, lubricated tube will be passed through your nose and advances into your stomach while you swallow sips of water. When the tube is in position, you will be sitting upright. During the test, you may experience some discomfort in your nose and/or throat. The test will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. This test is usually done in the clinic. No sedation is necessary.