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Agile Patency Capsule


A patency test with the agile patency capsule safety determines whether an object the size of the agile patency capsule can safely pass through your intestine. For this procedure, you will swallow a capsule made of dissolvable material surrounding a tiny Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag that can be detected by X-ray. If the capsule leaves your body before it dissolves, this confirms that your intestine is passable or “patent” for an object the size of the capsule. If, as often happens, the capsule is still inside your body after 30 hours, it will dissolve into small pieces that can pass naturally through your intestine. You will be given an order for an abdominal x-ray to have done the day after to see if the capsule is still in your body. Once confirmed that the patency capsule has passed you will be scheduled for your Video Capsule Endoscopy.

Note: If you have a narrowing of your small bowel, the agile capsule can get stuck and obstruct your bowel. While the capsule disintegrates, you may need to be admitted to the hospital for management of your symptoms and you may require surgery. Although this rarely happens, it is a possibility.

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