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Colonoscopy Prep Using Prepopik

one week before your procedure

Stop taking fiber, such as Metamucil, vitamins, irons, nutritional supplements, any products that contain olestra (in non-fat potato chips), fish oil and Alli. Also, arthritis type medications other than Tylenol or Celebrex should be stopped. If you are on COUMADIN be sure to discuss this with the nurse to determine whether you need lab work prior to the procedure to adjust the dosage of this medication.

  • Go to the pharmacy and fill your prescription for the prep
  • Go to laboratory and have your lab work done if required

two days before the procedure

Start low residue diet

one day before procedure

Start clear liquid diet

the morning of the procedure

  • When you finish Prepopik, you should pass clear liquid from your rectum. If your return is not clear you should take a fleets enema in the evening and another fleets enema in the morning at least two hours prior to your scheduled arrival time
  • The Endoscopy Center may be contacted starting at 7am if you have any questions. You may brush your teeth.
  • You may continue your clear liquid diet until 4 hours prior to your arrival time
  • You will be sedated. And you will have to have someone available to listen to the doctor’s advice upon discharge and drive you home after the test. If you do not have a driver your test will be rescheduled to a day when is available
  • You can expect to be here for 2 to 3 hours
  • If you are taking blood pressure or heart medication, be sure to take them with a small amount of water on the morning of your procedure.

all patients

Insulin or oral diabetic medication should not be taken the morning of your test. You may resume taking your medications after you are able to eat.

Bring your current medications or list with you on the day of your procedure.