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Fecal Fat Stool: Diet for Collection


Patient Preparation: The patient should be on a diet containing at least 60g of fat. The patient should not use suppositories or mineral oil before the specimen is collected. Oily material (i.e. creams, lubricants, etc.) should be avoided prior to collection of the specimen.

Cause of Rejection: Specimen contaminated with urine and or water, specimen on outside of container, specimen containing interfering substance (i.e. castor oil, bismuth, Metamucil, barium) can be rejected.

Reference interval: Total fats (neutral fats, soaps, and fatty acids); normal (<100 droplets/hpf)

Neural fats: normal (<60 droplets/hpf)

Use: Detect the presence of fecal fatty acids and neutral fat. Increases in neutral fat are commonly associated with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. Increase in stool total fats (neutral fats, soaps, and fatty acids) is likely to be associated with small bowel disease.

stools for fat

3-4 day turn around 
60g of fat day before

tips to increase fat in your diet

  1. Add margarine, butter, white or cheese sauces to vegetables.
  2. Fry meats or cook meats in gravies or stews.
  3. Do not remove visible fat or skin from meats when cooking.
  4. Add cream to coffee or hot tea.
  5. Add olives, cheese, bacon bits, avocados, and mayonnaise-type dressings to salads.
  6. Choose starches prepared with fat such as: biscuits, cornbread, French fries, muffins, pancakes, pastries, waffles, and taco shells.
  7. Snack on nuts such as: peanuts, cashews, and pecans.
  8. Have a milkshake, malt, or ice cream.
  9. Drink whole milk 2-3 times a day. (8g of fat per 8oz.)