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Esophageal Stent Diet


Portion Control: the most difficult eating change will be portion control. Do not eat more that ¼ of the portions you used to eat in any one sitting. You can eat again in one or two hours.

Stop eating as soon as you are full: You do not have the storage capacity that you once had. Over eating can lead to vomiting, discomfort, and pain.

4-6 meals a day: This will help meet nutritional goals even though the volume you eat in one sitting will be much smaller.

Eat Slowly: This will give you the opportunity to know you are full. At the first sign of fullness stop eating. This will prevent you from spitting up, getting cramps or diarrhea.

Chew your food well: the texture that goes down your new esophagus should be soft. Cutting food in small pieces before putting it in your mouth will help with swallowing. Meats especially can be problematic.

Sit upright when you eat: The sphincters that closed off your stomach from your esophagus may no longer be in place or may not work. Staying upright for an hour after meals and at least two hours before bed can help keep stomach contents from splashing back up into your new esophagus.

Take brief walks after meals: Walking stimulates stomach emptying.

Eat your solid foods first: save your liquids until the end of the meal and drink the majority of your liquids between meals.

Limit peels, skins, and rough foods initially.